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What is your gender?

Your gender defines your biological role in reproduction.

What continent do you live in?

Continents are landmass divisions on our planet.

What is your pigmentation?

Your pigmentation defines the natural colour of your skin.

What is your complexion?

Your complexion is the appearance of your skin.

What is your physique?

Your physique is the condition of your body.

What stage of maturity are you in?

Your maturity is the level of development your body has gone through.

What languages do you know?

Language helps standardize communication and keep track of history.

Out of all these languages, which one is your native language?

Your native language is the first language you learned and usually the one you use at home.

Which class are you currently in?

Your class determines your standing in a hierarchal society.

What levels of education have you received?

Education is designed to teach an individual knowledge.

What is the state of your employment?

Your employment is your current obligated role in society.

What type of habitat do you live in?

Your habitat is the environment that you live in, not just your home, but also the area surrounding it.

What is your marital status?

Your martial status determines what kind of intimate relationship you are in.

Do you desire intimate relationships with others?

Intimate relationships are relationships that are either on a romantic and or sexual level.
What is your ideology?

Your ideology is the set of ideals that you support.

How do your positions align?

Your stances on present issues.
Humanity is the main cause of rising global temperatures.

Global warming is a serious concern for both the future of the human race and the Earth.

Corporations essentially run most governments.

Corporations maintain control over governments primarily through lobbying and electing puppets.

Every worker deserves a living wage.

Living wages provide the basic necessities and can prevent strain on government programs.

The workplace belongs to the worker.

Workplace democracy allows workers to collectively manage and run their own work environment.

Bureaucrats are the one of the most useless things on the planet.

A bureaucrat is one whose job is to manage bureaucracy, usually a complex system of red tape.

Recording yourself screaming while playing games is not a legitimate job.

Various monetized online personalities have managed to rack in millions of dollars in front of a webcam.

It is not ethical to willingly make yourself a burden to society.

Recreational drug users cost health care systems billions of dollars, money better spent on the unlucky.

Everyone should have the right to euthanasia.

Euthanasia is an assisted and peaceful death. The right to die ensures those suffering or unwilling to live that they have an option of a permanent peaceful exit. Without the right to die, those seeking death will be forced to live and or use dangerous means to end their lives.

If a criminal cannot be rehabilitated, terminate them.

Tolerating dangerous persons in a society is both an unnecessary risk to police and civilians.

Putting money into the local economy is better than putting it into multinational corporations.

Although globalization has brought new technologies to many isolated parts of the world, it has also brutally exploited the poverty of others. Local small businesses cannot compete with cheap seemingly infinite sources of foreign labour. It is therefore important to support locals to protect independence.

Every society deserves the right to self-determination.

Self-determination is the ability to govern yourself without outside interference. Without this right, rebellion becomes inevitable. Every empire that has violated this right has fallen.

Forced integration is just as bad as forced segregation.

Forcing conflicting cultures to co-exist with one another is a recipe for disaster. It is far better for conflicting cultures to live relatively isolated from another to prevent conflict from arising. People feel more at home anyway in groups they share something in common with.

Media has become meaningless.

Inserting messages into media helps give it more of a purpose than just being entertainment. Unfortunately, it can also offend people, especially those in favour of the establishment. Sometimes messages can also make the targeted audience more narrower, which means a less larger customer base.

People need to stop reproducing.

Humans have reproduced to the point of overpopulation and in some areas, overcrowding. Reproduction not only brings life into existence that can feel and experience suffering, but also puts massive strain on the planet's ecosystems. It is better to just deal with the people we have now than to breed new ones.

Sexuality has no place in any pure society.

Sexuality is not only a means to transfer incurable and fatal diseases, but also leads to the destruction of stable comradeships between men and women. It is also one of the most common and consuming addictions. Any rational being would reject this primitive urge and embrace a non-sexual existence.

What is your personality?

Your personality determines how you communicate with other people.

What do you focus on most?

Your focus determines how you manage your time.

What do you think about most?


What is your attitude?

Your attitude determines what you expect from events.

What is your ideal temperature?

Temperature is the level of heat in an environment.

What is your ideal humidity?

Humidity is the level of moisture in an environment.

What is your favourite colour?

Colour is the appearance of light.

What is your favourite time of the day?

The time of the day is the position of the Sun and or the Moon in the sky.

What reasons do you have for visiting this site?

This gives an idea of why people use our site.

Do you like the fact that we are non-profit?

Non-profit organizations do not work for money.
What is the weirdest thing you find about us?

Considering what the norm is, being different is not always a bad thing.

Which one of our projects interests you the most?

This gives an idea of what projects are popular with our audience.

How would you rate the look of our site?

Appearance might not be everything, but it is something.

How would you rate the usability of our site?

User friendliness is a vital trait for any website.

Do you read our wiki at all?

Our wiki provides additional information on our projects and our organization.
Are you planning on volunteering with us in the future?

Our organization relies on volunteers to function.
How often do you visit our site?

This gives us an idea how often we should update our site.

If you tell others about our organization, how do you do so?

Word of mouth is the most practical form of advertising possible.

What types of computers do you use to access our site?

Since not all types function the same way, this gives an idea of how our site is being accessed.

What operation systems do you use to access our site?

We prefer our website to be available and functional on a wide variety of systems.

What browsers do you use to access our site?

Browsers are programs that help you explore the web.

Do you have any feedback you would like to share?

Feedback, even if harsh, can help us improve ourselves and our content.
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